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[Lcdproc] changes to set_char() & adv_bignum

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] changes to set_char() & adv_bignum
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 20:56:01 2006


as previously announced I changed a few drivers in LCDproc's CVS development
branch to use a modified version of character definitions: instead of using 1
char/pixel they now use 1char/pixel (as the API 0.5 requires ;-)))

Affected drivers are:
* IOWarrior
* CFontzPacket

In addition to that I also converted and extended the adv_bignum library
to this new scheme and made the drivers above use the bignum library.

As a consequence I had to adapt the serialVFD driver as well sine it uses the
adv_bignum library as well. Not having the hardware I was unfortunately not
able to test it.
Stefan Herdler, would you be so kind to check If my changes to serialVFD.c
are correct and provide the expected results.

These two measures slightly simplify the set_ch() routine of the affected
drivers but the real gain is in the definition of the setup of the hbar(),
vbar() and num() routines, that get about 150 lines shorter (the
init_{hbar,vbar,num}() are not necessary anymore).
And the character definitons are easier to read es well ;-))

I will slowly continue to convert drivers to this new scheme, but I hope
the people sending in drivers will do so as well for their drivers.
(simply take IOWarrior,c or CFontzPacket.c as an example)

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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