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[Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise

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  • From: stewartputnam AT (Stewart W. Putnam)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise
  • Date: Fri Mar 31 16:28:02 2006

Andrew Foss wrote:

Excellent, thank you, should we submit it as a patch for the release?

I now noticed that I sent yesterday to only Andrew and not the list; I
just resent the text part & the CFontz633.[ch] and lines for LCDd.conf
are attatched here. I intend them to work as a drop in substitution. I
sure feel sloppy compared to many contributors here!

I think of points that my version would need review / help on.

Most importantly is my use of clone() with CLONE_VM. I've used a size
of child_stack that is large enough to always work for me -- I keep
thinking that there is some straightforward and intelligble rule for
determining the propor amount of stack to allocate that must be
determined at run time in a machine dependent maner. quoting from man
clone : "The calling process must therefore set up memory space for
the child stack and pass a pointer to this space to clone. Stacks grow
downwards on all processors that run Linux (except the HP PA
processors), so child_stack usually ..." The HP case is now in no way
checked for in my code. I've tried te read up on this but I keep
getting lost in abstact discussions on wheather or not it is meaningfull
to say there is a stack frame at all anymore, or somesuch over my head.
I once worked on such things more than 15 years ago in HPUX & AIX.
There were phone numbers for support at HP & IBM & some sort of process
by which I was to be given permission to know these things ...

And on the UI side some in depth review and comments on my creation of
LCDd.conf entries for fan and temp management. Is the configuration
straightforward, not confusing in language & provides what some
hypothetical user would most likely want in fan and temp management? Or
is it bent around what occurred to me the day I first wrote it or
something particular to my interest in waste heat & lacking something

meh. Release. bah. I knew nothing about plishing things up for a
release. Sometimes I just feel too vapid and get hungry for some math
or somethig & need to do some coding. And well it's open source so I
try and share it!

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