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e: [Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise

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  • From: stewartputnam AT (Stewart W. Putnam)
  • Subject: e: [Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise
  • Date: Fri Mar 31 15:42:01 2006

Andrew Foss wrote:

> Great, could just slow us down enough to overcome, whatever buffer
> limits are along the way and probably 250ms is way higher than you
> need:-)
> Now to see what to submit to the project, as a bug or how to fix?
> lcdproc folks any suggestions?
> andrew
I've modified things into a significantly different cf63x driver.
Sending as a patch would be a much larger file.

My main interest was working with temperatures and fans; enabling that
under linux.

I created a packet que so that it sends ( and resends if needed ) one
packet, and does not send the next until the module sends an
acknowledgement receipt for the one at the head of the que.

I put some LOTS of timing & measuring into it:

> pack count min t max t avg dump resent
> 32402 0.017347 0.069677 0.022924 0 0
> Set_LCD_Contents_Line_One
> 26945 0.017320 0.083974 0.022926 0 0
> Set_LCD_Contents_Line_Two
> 315874 0.000074 0.151029 0.016695 0 0
> Set_LCD_Special_Character_Data
> 580 0.005963 0.029548 0.012339 0 0
> Set_Up_Fan_Reporting
> 2825 0.008965 0.049142 0.014337 0 0
> Set_Fan_Power

that is says the maximim time for a packet to be sent, processed, and
acknowledged was 0.151029 seconds. Thats for ~ 380,000 packets over
39514 seconds. ( None needed to be resent & none were given up on. )

For myself I've written a big complex driver that reads /proc and output
from the lm-sensors package and logs all that integrated ...

uptime,load,top1,%,top2,%,xawtv%,XFree86%,LCDd%,it87:CPU Temp,it87:M/B




That is uptime in seconds, % cpu load, top 2 cpu pigs by name and %
load, xawtv + XFree86 + LCDd load values regardless of wheather they are
in the top 2 by load or not, lm sensors data, then fan / flowmeter
datas, then 14 of the CF63x temperature sensors, then one derrived value
"watts" total watts of waste heat captured by my water cooler ...

Anyone particularly interested in this use of the CF LCDs can download
this driver from Crystalfontz LCD Forum - please verify that lcdproc is
GPL <>

I've attatched here a stripped down version. It lacks anything to do
with lm-sensors or /proc reading or creating lcd screens about my
particular computer.

The basics of temperature recarding and fan management I hope can be
read from the included LCDd.conf-lines file.

For the driver to log to a /var/log/CF63x file, you need to create that
file and set its' permissions by hand.

  • e: [Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise, Stewart W. Putnam, 03/31/2006

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