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[Lcdproc] ppdev support

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  • From: mail AT (Andrés Trapanotto)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] ppdev support
  • Date: Wed Mar 29 02:34:01 2006

Peter Marschall wrote:
> Hi Andrés,
> On Monday, 27. March 2006 01:50, Andrés Trapanotto wrote:
>> A year ago I've proposed some way to give lcdproc ppdev support, but I
>>just sent the source files to the list and there are... in the archive :'(
>> At now I want to try again to commit my work... Could you help me?
>> I've worked in two files:
>> for the first I'm attaching the diff to the current cvs, and I'm
>>sending the port.c "as is" because it is new.
> Thanks for these files.
> Unfortunately they come in at a very unfortunate point of time.
> I am currently preparing the next version of LCDproc and do not want to
> have
> larger code changes.
> Would you mind to have your patches in the patches/ directory in CVS and
> applied after the release of the next version ?

It's right for me. I've seen that there is a 'contrib' directory where
the patches are :)

I would know how/which is the relationship between ldcproc and lcdproc
Debian package... Do you send sources to Debian? Does Debian maintainer
picks the sources from here?

>> There is something missing to get it work: to fix the automated
>>configuration. I've done manually modifying the
>>lcdproc/server/drivers/Makefile as you can see (in the attachment) but I
>>don't know how to do it in the right way (here is the point were I'm
>>claiming for help :) )
> Hmmm, as Makefiles are generated at configuration time and there is more
> thant
> one. What exactly did you change in which Makefile ?
> Then lets see how we can get this automated.

Well, I'm reading documentation more and I hope to send a patch to
hd44780-ext8bit driver to show how it works :)
But for now, the modifications were:
* Add '-DHAVE_PPDEV' in server/drivers/Makefile (I saw that it could be
done automatically checking the ppdev headers... isn't it?)
* Add 'port.h' and 'port.c' as source files for drivers that uses
parallel port.
* Add port.o as a compilation target in server/drivers/Makefile

> Another question: is ppdev specific to Linux or do other OSses support it
> as
> well ?
> In the first case we need to shield the other OSses.

I understand the point and I don't know if it is well done at now.
I've read some guy asking for something like it but in FreeBSD. If
somebody is using lcdproc on *BSD and wants to work on this feature, I
think that we can work together to get the port fully functional on
those arquitectures.
I've a Debian GNU/Linux Sarge amd64 and a Debian GNU/Hurd K10 i386 and
I hope to get lcdproc work on both...

>> There are some ToDo points to, like key support, several parallel
>> ports
>>and parallel port configuration (is hardcoded to /dev/parport0 right
>>now, but could be changed easily to get the right parameter from the
>>configuration file)...
> Please don't hesitate to continue working on these issues.

Ok. I'll continue working :)

Best regards, Andrés!

PS: I've written this mail yesterday but (for some reason) I've lost it
and I've re-wrote it here. So sorry me if there are missing things...
just ask for more :)

Andrés Trapanotto
<mail AT>
Técnico Electronico
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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