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[Lcdproc] Volunteers to try netlcd in lcdproc...

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  • From: bsdfan AT (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Volunteers to try netlcd in lcdproc...
  • Date: Mon Mar 27 22:18:02 2006

Hi Andrew,

attached is my patched version of the original netlcdclient software running for more than a year now. It includes support for 2 line displays and FreeBSD. Maybe you can take the missing parts from it.

Besides that, your patch does not work.

1. It is missing some glue to include the iface.* files. Add these to and it will work.

2. The configfile / commandline processing completely broke. If I do not specify a configfile, the client does not start at all. If I do specify one, it does not adhere to commandline overrides and ignores some settings in the config file (e.g. foreground mode). I guess that these

#define UNSET_INT -1
#define UNSET_STR "\01"

are not portable?

3. Because of that I wasn't able to test further. I was trying to disable the configfile processing but got stuck with the "client_set -name" error I just reported.


Andrew Foss wrote:
lcdproc folks,

would anyone have any interest or time to try the attached patch? It applies to the current CVS tree.

It integrates the netlcd display of interface stats as one of the lcdproc screen options, it also allows a /usr/local/etc/lcdproc.conf to configure the lcdproc screens.

I'd like to confirm that this gives the same results as netlcd when the new "iface" screen is enabled, before I move on. I only have 2 line lcd's, so I can't actually see the whole iface screen properly, if it's working as expected, next step will be to add a 2 line lcd display option for us poor folks w/ little lcd's...


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