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[Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise

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  • From: a.foss AT (Andrew Foss)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Crystalfontz 635 usb lcd noise
  • Date: Fri Mar 24 23:28:02 2006

hmmm, it's highly unlikely to be serial noise, that's the good news.
Have you tried creating a test widget and sending text to a specific
location, like row 1 column 1 and row2 column 16 or such and confirming
that the driver's putting your text in the right location?

Also, for diagnosis I might suggest seeing if you set the screen to 16x2
do you get at least 2 rows of 16 that behave normally, the 635 is 20x4
isn't it?


Frederick Nacino wrote:
> I've scoured the archives for some help with no luck. I have a
> Crystalfontz 635 USB and it's running on linux. Running lcdproc the
> display generally works however although I am not getting garbage, I
> seem to be getting residual data from previous screens littering my
> current screen. Trying to clear bad data out by sending blank lines to
> the display does not work. Other problems include menu widgets not
> appearing in the correct position or data not appearing when it
> should. Things that generally have to do with graphics and screen
> cursor positioning seem to fair worse than trying to display normal
> text, for example displaying the BigClock lcdproc client seems to be
> my worst offender as it is halfway unreadable and always leaves
> residue that cannot be cleaned up by subsequent screens.. I'm running
> current lcdproc code as of 3/14/2006. Screen size settings look good
> as well as does my conf. I am not sure what to make of what I am
> seeing or how to correct it. Any help would be great.
> Thanks!
> Fred
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