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[Lcdproc] hd44780 no output

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Andersson)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] hd44780 no output
  • Date: Mon Mar 20 18:22:01 2006

Thanks for all your replys!

> Peter,
> We could get you a copy to test w/ while we're trying to get w/ the
> vendor.

Yes i'd love to try your driver. Please send it to this adress.

> Maybe the R/W pin again... I think you can best solder it to GND.
> (I can't see picture with this mail reader...)
> Joris

If andrews driver doesn't work i'll sure try this. Just one additional
question, i'm afraid i'll fry my lcd if i do this wrong. So i should
basically solder R/W (pin5) to the gnd of the lcds power connection
And just ignore the disconnected parallel port pin.

> I've had a similar problem some time ago and I managed to have lcdprok
> work with a patch. This patch should be in the CVS right now
> Search through the mailing list for the thread:
> "lcdproc from cvs and HD44780: init problem?"

I checked out the patch and it is allready committed.

Thanks again!


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