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[Lcdproc] Re: Hi Lucian: pylcd LCDd

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  • From: lucianm AT (Lucian Muresan)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: Hi Lucian: pylcd LCDd
  • Date: Fri Mar 17 15:35:02 2006

Hi Marc,

Marc Leesch wrote:
> Hi,
> As you told me I got pylcd. You told me to install (?) it. So I put it
> in the freevos /src/plugin folder (that is not "install", is it?). When
> I run $ python I get
> ***
> sys:1: DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xb5' in file
> on line 71, but no encoding declared; see
> for details
> ***
> when I start freevo (LCD-plugin activated) I get
> ***
> FEHLER: Sie benötigen pylcd für das LCD plugin
> FEHLER:Das Plugin 'lcd' kann nicht geladen werden! Möglicherweise läuft
> lein LCDd (lcdproc daemon)?
> ***
> (hope you can read the german( if not, tell me)

Yes I can. Now I have looked at that archive you downloaded (I never
neede that one, because I had the original pyLCD python binding for
LCDproc. It seems that Justin Wetherell just packaged those 2 *.py files
in that archive, and you're missing the So I just put the
original archive on my webspace for now (will try to convince the Freevo
people to host it, or somebody should take over and make a tiny SF or
Berlios project) please download it from and run "python
install" to get it properly installed, then you shouldn't get these
error messages anymore.

> One thing is that I maybe not really installed pylcd: How to do?
> Another thing is, that I cant start *LCDd -d pylcd*. In the "native"
> *LCDd.conf* *pylcd* is set on DEVICE= /dev/ttyUSB0
> but my LCD is on parallelport, so I edited to /dev/parport0
> And when I start LCDd I get
> ***
> pylcd: Using device: /dev/parport0
> Reading TTY faild: Invalid argument
> Driver [pylcd] init failed, return code < 0
> Could not load driver pylcd
> There is no output driver
> Critical error while initializing, abort.
> ***
> I gess first I have to learn to install the

Well, sort of yes, but you where also unlucky enough to be guided to an
incomplete distribution of pyLCD. And, BTW, this other pylcd from
LCDproc is a driver for some "Pyramid" (I think) displays. Guess we have
an unfortunate name clash here, I would suggest those responsible to
rename this recently added driver to something like pyramid, because the
pyLCD python bindings existed and are used for longer time, even if at
the moment there is no more official website for them (but I hope that
will change at least when Freevo2 is out, maybe it will be part of kaa).


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