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[Lcdproc] I2C Support

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  • From: ethan.dicks AT (Ethan Dicks)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] I2C Support
  • Date: Mon Feb 27 14:50:01 2006

On 2/27/06, Tonu Samuel
<tonu AT>
> Some work is done on this and it is not so difficult at all. Patches whic=
> were submitted to this list worked well with i2c and did not work with sm=
> After slight modification they worked also with smbus.

I happened to have picked up an i2c 'port expander' chip in the hopes
of fiddling a little with either i2c or smbus, but had a
mechanical-type question... is there a standard connector used with
the i2c bus when attaching external devices? I have some i2c stuff
here at work that happens to use RJ11 cables, but I seriously doubt
that it's the only way folks have hooked things up. I'm also curious
what sort of connectors might be a good choice for a DIMM-hacked
smbus. Obviously it could be as simple as a 3-pin 0.1" header (GND,
clock, and data), but if there were some sort of standard involved, it
would make a new design somewhat easier to share.


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