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[Lcdproc] How to compile this driver?

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  • From: conty.romuald AT (Romuald Conty)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] How to compile this driver?
  • Date: Wed Nov 23 00:49:01 2005


Your code seems to be in 0.5 version, to compile it i recommend you
using autoconf and automake before compiling;
Some lines need to be changed in
$LCDPROC_DIR/server/drivers/ & in $LCD_PROC/
like as have been described in before
running autoconf,automake.

Good luck.

PS : Keep in mind, if your work can help you, your work can help
others... so supply your patch with this new driver to lcdproc's
developpement team.

-- Sorry for my poor english language --

On 11/22/05, James Ousley
<james.ousley AT>
> I have located a driver for my tyan 1U server (GS series) that us=
es an
> LCD panel via com2. I have smacked this code around trying to get it to
> compile but have yet to get it functioning. I even overwrote the
> MtxOrb.c and MtxOrb.h files with these and modified them accordingly to
> get the make to complete without errors, yet LCDd aborts with No output
> driver.
> Looking at this driver, what version of LCDproc and how do I comp=
ile it
> for that version?

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