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[Lcdproc] [Patch] Experimental hd44780 wiring using FreeBSD's ppi device

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  • From: mail AT (Andres Trapanotto)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] [Patch] Experimental hd44780 wiring using FreeBSD's ppi device
  • Date: Thu Mar 31 13:43:01 2005

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Markus Dolze wrote:

| Hi Andres,
| your code is the missing link. I think that adding the FreeBSD
| specific ioctl()-calls to it will work. However I need to think a
| bit more about conditional inclusion of header files and compiling.
| Yesterday I tried to compile your code, but I don't know enough
| about the GNU build process to integrate it. Can you or someone
| else tell me what files to modify to get this code compiled?

~ I don' t know it neither :(
~ I' ve modified one line in server/drivers/Makefile so
DEFS = -DHAVE_CONFIG -I. -I$(src_dir) -I../..

changes to

DEFS = -DHAVE_CONFIG -I. -I$(src_dir) -I../.. -DHAVE_PPDEV

~ but this is a manual change that must be automated thru configure

| I'm also wondering if I should keep the direct I/O part of port.h
| for FreeBSD. The ppi device is available since FreeBSD 3.0 (around
| 1998). On the other side, the current code works fine.
| Regards Markus
| Andres Trapanotto wrote:
|> ~ Hi Markus! I haven't FreeBSD and I didn't know that there is
|> ppi device. ~ For Linux instead, I've written a port.c and
|> modified the port.h to support ppdev device. You can take a look
|> to it in the "ppdev support" mail at March 9. ~ Perhaps you
|> can add your contribution to them and make ppi available to any
|> driver ;) ~ Best regards, Andrés Trapanotto.
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