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[Lcdproc] nSEL (EN2) state inverted

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  • From: malnatiantoine AT (MALNATI Antoine)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] nSEL (EN2) state inverted
  • Date: Tue Mar 22 16:32:01 2005

Hi everyone!
I've just bought a 40x4 LCD from crystalfontz. I've connected it with
the "Winamp" wiring scheme... The 2 first lines work, but the 2 next
don't. I checked the wiring with CrystalFontz Windows debugging program,
and it appeared that EN2's state (2 screen enable) is inverted (high
when asked low, low when asked high)!!
I am using a Compaq Armada M700 Laptop, the problem might come from my
computer. I will probably solve this problem by inserting an inverter
gate (74HCT00)...

I've noticed in a previous post that people using EN2 for controlling
the backlight also noticed a inverted state (backlight off when asked

Is there a way of inverting the EN2 state directly with lcdproc (by


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