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[Lcdproc] HD44780-winamp gets overflooded with Hearts after upgrading to CVS

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  • From: mail AT (Andrés Trapanotto)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] HD44780-winamp gets overflooded with Hearts after upgrading to CVS
  • Date: Fri Mar 18 17:00:02 2005

[I've removed everything from previous mails. Please refer to the
archive about them]
Well, I'll try to start answering again; from the scratch.

I'll suppose that when you turns on the LCD the LCD ram memory is
filled with 0x00 values. Then, the char generator shows the screen
clean; because it is representing the zero character that is clean too.

When you start lcdproc, it fills the lcd text buffer with 0x20
(spaces) *** and set the special caracter zero as the heart. It results
in a clean lcd screen.

*** Think about this: if there is some problem filling the lcd text
buffer, it still be filled with 0x00 values and the screen will be
fullfilled with hearts...
I'm thinking that it is the problem, because the lcdproc framebuffer
is filled with 0x20 spaces (you send a mail showing that).
One common issue that can cause that is the delay time that the
program have to wait to drive the parallel port signals. To do it,
lcdproc uses a function called timing_uPause (you can find it in
server/drivers/timing.h) and it can be compiled in three diferent ways.
It can try to use one of these or you can force lcdproc the election
process :)

I can continue analizing it in this way, but you can try something
quicker: try to add some delay in HD44780_flush() function (in
server/drivers/hd44780.c) changing
p->hd44780_functions->uPause (p, 40); // Minimun exec time for all
p->hd44780_functions->uPause (p, 80);

You can try with something greater that "80" to...
Well ... tell us your results :)

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