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[Lcdproc] LCDVC question

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  • From: tobias AT (Tobias Gruetzmacher)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCDVC question
  • Date: Fri Mar 11 00:17:02 2005


(where are the provious topics of this thread?)
B Collins schrieb:
Can an LCD (specifically a CWLinux 12332) be used with Joris
Robijn's LCDVC as a small text-only display, and I should add,
the *only* display, for a computer running Linux? "Yes" or "No"
question here, folks.

The problem at hand would be that lcdvc only shows part of the real
virtual terminal. What you probably want would be "lcdpty" - an lcdproc
client that turns the lcd into a full-blown pseudo-terminal, but I'm
pretty sure nobody has written something like this yet.

remember most command line stuff is designed for viewing on an
80x25 screen not a 16x2 (or what ever...).

I didn't think it was really "designed" for that. I thought it was
designed for an interface that displays ascii, and the 80x25 is
generally accepted as optimal. Many programs that run in text mode
probably do require 80x25; MC, EMACS, VI, PINE, etc.
I just was curious now and run vim in many small terminals... It "works"
just fine in 9x3, but having only 3 lines is a bit strange in vim
(status, command and one line left for the file) - but with the right
options even that would be usable...

Keyboard, initially I think. I just want to type in short script

Maybe a bit expensive, but have a look at

I figure I can make all the scripts' names 4-6 chars. And a specific
username and pwd that is equally brief. I want to preconfigure a
computer to do hard disk recording using ecasound (cl recording
prog), send its output to Lame (cl mp3 encoder), and save as MP3 or
whatever. I don't really intend to use this as a computer in other
ways while I am recording.

If there is only a limited set of commands you could get away with a
custom LCDproc client with a menu system to select the actions. This
would require a display with keypad, I think 4 keys minimum.

I would love to have a dedicated interface for ecasound, but I have
no experience writing these things. I think that would be a real
practical use for the mini-itx motherboard.

If the only actions are "call <prog>" you would get away with a simple

Greetings Tobi

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