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[Lcdproc] LCDVC question

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  • From: dinobry AT (B Collins)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCDVC question
  • Date: Thu Mar 10 15:15:02 2005

>> Can an LCD (specifically a CWLinux 12332) be used with Joris Robijn's
>> LCDVC as a small text-only display, and I should add, the *only*
>> display, for a computer running Linux? "Yes" or "No" question here,
>> folks.

> Donno... I think you are being to specific. B-)

Classic bureaucrat response. :-)

I was asking in reference to LCDVC, the LCDPROC client written by
Joris Robijn <joris(at)>, which you didn't make any reference to
in your reply, so I assume you are unaware of it, or you didn't read my
message through.
It is listed at the LCDPROC website as a client, and purports to do what
I want.

If anybody on this list can offer info or advice regarding this client,
it would be
very helpful.

> remember most command
> line stuff is designed for viewing on an 80x25 screen not a 16x2 (or
> what ever...).

I didn't think it was really "designed" for that. I thought it was
designed for an interface that
displays ascii, and the 80x25 is generally accepted as optimal. Many
programs that run in text mode
probably do require 80x25; MC, EMACS, VI, PINE, etc.

> What are you going to use for input? A normal keyboard or
> a keypad on the display?

Keyboard, initially I think. I just want to type in short script names.
I figure I can make all the scripts' names 4-6 chars. And a specific
username and pwd that is equally
brief. I want to preconfigure a computer to do
hard disk recording using ecasound (cl recording prog), send its output
to Lame (cl mp3 encoder),
and save as MP3 or whatever. I don't really intend to use this as a
in other ways while I am recording.

Then afterwards I take it home, plug into an actual monitor and put
the files onto a CD, or do whatever editing I care to. I think this is
actually possible with a
4x20 display, assuming the lcd part works, hence my questions of you. I
am not a software
developer, just a handyman, and from looking at the LCDPROC webpage I
have begun to think I might be
able to do this without too much difficulty. But some feedback would be
great from more experienced

I am currently using a mini-itx as a hard disk recorder, but the 6"
monitor I have
built in doesn't permit me to use batteries (or I would need really big
ones, anyway.) and it makes
the box too big.

I would love to have a dedicated interface for ecasound, but I have no
experience writing these things. I
think that would be a real practical use for the mini-itx motherboard.

Cheers, bc

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