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[Lcdproc] Support for Noritake VFD CU20026MCPB

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  • From: oliver AT (Oliver Friedrich)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Support for Noritake VFD CU20026MCPB
  • Date: Thu Mar 10 12:19:01 2005

Dave Liquorice schrieb:
> On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 10:57:56 +0100, Oliver Friedrich wrote:
>>| Tried reducing that part number a bit at a time and feeding it to
>>| google? CU20026 returns hits in the Noritake web site:
>>I have tried this, but the available specs havn't the pinlayout of my
>>display. I have a 3-pin for the 5V power and a 26-pin for the data
>>connection ...
> So why not tell us *all* the facts you have? Grrr...
> Any other displays that fit the general description, rows/columns,
> overall size, character matrix size etc?

It is a 20x2 chars display, PCB is 176x51.5mm, active area is 100x15mm,
5x7 matrix with seperate cursor, charsize is 3x5mm (without cursor).

It has a 3-pin connector for the power supply on the left and a 26-pin
data ribbon connector like on a internal lpt connector (with plastic
frame) on the right side. There are no jumpers or aother connector on
the module.

That are all the facts i have. If usefull i could make a photo and send
it to you, but not to the whole list. Don't want to spam the net ... :)

> Might be worth making sure you have that part number correct as well.
> Searching on the Noritake site for "mcpb" doesn't return anything. As a
> check that the search should work I also tried "scpd" and that did
> return a list of modules...

The part number is correct, i have it written down as i can read it from
the PCB.

> I have a CU20029SCPD-T20A (well that's what the datasheet has on the top
> that I used to get my display working has on the top...). This display
> has 3 pin power and 16 pin data connectors.
> The 3 pin power is:
> 1:Vcc (5v)
> 2:Sin/Test (Serial in)
> 3:Gnd (0v)
> Looking at the board traces should show if that is the same as your
> module. Note that the serial in is TTL level (0 to 5V) *not* RS232 (-12v
> to +12v) you need to convert RS232 levels to TTL.

This will be no problem. A MAX232 should help, if i have read right in
the net ...


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