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[Lcdproc] Re: for to make hard disk recorder

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  • From: Dave Liquorice" <allsorts AT (Dave Liquorice)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: for to make hard disk recorder
  • Date: Thu Mar 10 09:23:01 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 01:50:25 -0500, B Collins wrote:

> Can an LCD (specifically a CWLinux 12332) be used with Joris Robijn's
> LCDVC as a small text-only display, and I should add, the *only*
> display, for a computer running Linux? "Yes" or "No" question here,
> folks.

Donno... I think you are being to specific. B-)

If that display will work with LCDproc then there is no reason that a
client cannot be written to do what you want but remember most command
line stuff is designed for viewing on an 80x25 screen not a 16x2 (or
what ever...). What are you going to use for input? A normal keyboard or
a keypad on the display?

Larger displays are available for example:

This may work with one of the standard serial drivers for LCDproc,
though it would be better to use one of them as a base and write a
dedicated driver.


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