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[Lcdproc] Re: for to make hard disk recorder

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  • From: dinobry AT (B Collins)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: for to make hard disk recorder
  • Date: Thu Mar 10 06:44:02 2005


I appreciate your remarks, but your reply has only confused me.

Let me ask another question, then, or maybe a more focused one:

Can an LCD (specifically a CWLinux 12332) be used with Joris Robijn's
LCDVC as a small text-only display, and I should add, the *only*
display, for a computer running Linux? "Yes" or "No" question here,

I had thought the Web page concerning LCDVC had indicated this was
possible. The picture appears to show a command line screen on a tiny
LCD, and there is the remark that you can "log in without a monitor."
It would lead me to believe that I might be able to fulfill my wishes
with the software as it is today, perhaps. So I am trying to ask
members of the community how this software stands, and whether it suits
my purposes. I have wanted to log in and enter commands without a
monitor for some time. Can I do it, or no?

It appears that that the client LCDVC is an X Windows application, so I
would be running X on a headless computer, so I can login to a text-only
lcd? What a crazy idea. But until this port of a TTY you talk about
materializes, Andres, I would do things this way if I have no other
option. That is how badly I want to get started right away.

Thanks for your time.


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