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[Lcdproc] for to make hard disk recorder

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  • From: mail AT (Andrés Trapanotto)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] for to make hard disk recorder
  • Date: Wed Mar 9 15:03:01 2005

Hi B! I think that you want a port of a tty on lcd :)
The other thing you can do is an simple interpreter that runs as
daemon and starts automatically when the systems starts; then it could
call bash and/or login programs and show thier outputs thru lcdproc, and
send the commands that you type on the lcd attached to the lcd to them...
Then you can start resolving this problems and ask here when you
need help to use lcdproc :)
And don't forget to tell us the url of your GPL'ed project :)
Best regards, Andrés Trapanotto.

B Collins escribió:

> Much excitement here. I am not an extremely knowledeable Linux
> user, but have some exposure. I am probably a little more of a hardware
> person. Your application seems to fill the needs of a specific project
> I have been fancying for a while. Here it is:
> Tiny Mini-ITX computer, Knoppix hard drive install, ecasound install, no
> monitor, laptop hard drive as hard disk recorder, and not much else,
> using lcd as text-only command prompt for to run Ecasound>Lame for high
> quality MP3 recordings of official events (for work.) The LCDProc page
> gives an lcd client that should allow me to login and at least type in
> names of scripts. I would want to load this client in initialization
> and have a few simple scripts for recording.
> Does this sound reasonable?
> I think Ecasound uses Curses. Is this going to cause any issues? Will
> I need to manually load curses or ncurses after starting?
> And finally, I have nearly finished the computer, and want to get going
> right away. I notice that both Crystalfontz and CWLinux offer what
> appears to be a direct "plug and play solution". What will be simplest,
> with the least hardware or software configuration? Maybe I will try
> assembling the lcd myself forther down the road, but for the first one I
> want to get up and running with as little effort or time as possible.
> Much apologies too. I inadvertently sent this from my other address a
> minute ago. I don't mean to spam.
> Cheers, bc
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