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[Lcdproc] HD44780-winamp gets overflooded with Hearts after upgrading to CVS

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  • From: dura-zell AT (Sven Mertens)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] HD44780-winamp gets overflooded with Hearts after upgrading to CVS
  • Date: Tue Mar 8 14:29:02 2005

Hi there again

I have additionally tested some settings and found the following out:

After a reboot, when the display is completly reset due the loss of
Power, the CVS05 Version does nothing at all when the daemon is started.
The Display does not react. The output from the daemon is as usually.

When I start the 0.4.5 Daemon wich lays in another Directory, the
Display starts up and I'm getting the "Clients 0 | Screens: 0" message.

Now, after killing the 0.4.5 and starting the 0.5 again, I'm getting the
weird output mentioned in my previous post.

It seems the hd44780 doesn't initialize my Display properly. Can anybody
confirm this? Or has anybody the same behaviour?

I also tested the 0.4.5 Daemon with the 0.5CVS configfile, it reacts as
expacted an shows up with the clients/screens message.

Finally I've read a post about the different timing-methods defined in
hd44780.c. While I'm trying to get things running I've tested the
different methods with no result.

DELAY_GETTIMEOFDAY makes no difference
DELAY_NANOSLEEP makes no difference
DELAY_IOCALLS doesn't compile

So any hints what else I can do?

Greetings, Sven Mertens

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