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[Lcdproc] CFontz633 fan control

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  • From: stewartputnam AT (Stewart W. Putnam)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CFontz633 fan control
  • Date: Sun Jan 16 06:07:02 2005

Pat Erley wrote:

> Are there current plans to implement fan control, or is it already in
> there and I just can't find the documentation on it?
> Pat
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Back in September I put together something that does fan control.
There is a link to it at CFontz:

It is a significant mod to the CF633 driver that I wrote all on my
lone, in the dark as it was to some of the broad software architechture
principles, design goals, & etc. of lcdproc. The code and notes at the
above link are a sloppy step below an actual patch. If you search the
lcdproc mailing list archives you con see the discussion thot followed
my posting. [9/20/2004 - 10/21/2004; subject keywords: CFontz633,
cfontz 633, CrystalFontz 633 Support?, Temperature or Fan Functions at
the driver level]
I can only verify that it compiles and runs on my system, Debian
Sarge / Testing. I run a fanless, all water cooled rig and my main
interest was in enabling the 633's temperature probes -- er, let me
correct that: my main goal was to spend less time watching TV, playing
computer games, and cofee and cigarettes ... and that turned into trying
my hand at C ... I have cut way back on TV, by the way... Anyway the
code for fan management was so similar to doing temperatures that I put
some in. The fan control lines that I added to LCDd.conf [CFontz633]
section are:
# (face view)
#633F[1-4]_Name= fan name for log FAN3 |
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| ^
#633F[1-4]_Rpt= yes/[no] monitor fan RPMs FAN4
| lcd | < kp >
#633F[1-4]_P_Log= yes/[no] log fan power
#633F[1-4]_lcd=yes [yes]/no put a simple one liner on the lcd
#633F[1-4]_Power= 0-[100] % constant fan power
# if 633Fn_Temp is enabled, it will override
#633F[1-4]_Divisor= [2] pulses/minute to RPM divisors for syslog entries
#633F[1-4]_U_Label= [RPM} custom labels for non-RPM devices
#633F[1-4]_Failsafe= yes/[no] enable 633 failsafe: knee-jerk return
to 100% fan power on errors
#633F[1-4]_Glitch= yes/[no] enable 633 RPM smoothing
#633F[1-4]_Temp= 1-32/[0=feature disabled] Temperature (633Tn)
this fan is controlled by
#633F[1-4]_T_off= -55-+25/ degree C, cool end, 0% power,RPM, and noise
#633F[1-4]_T_100= -55-+35/ degree C, hot end , 100% power,
airflow, noise
#633F[1-4]_Abstractounits=yes/[no] boolean, yes=T_off and T_100 below
are in ds18 native units,
# =deg. C *16 : 0 deg C=0; 1 deg C =16; 20
deg C=320
#633F[1-4]_Ref_Temp= 1-32/[0=feature disabled] If specified, T_off
and T_100 are now
# relative, reffering to how much warmer
_Temp is than _Ref_Temp.
#633F[1-4]_A_Sec= 1-[30] adjust this fan's power every _A_Sec seconds,

I have yet to correspond with anyone that has built and configured
my driver mod. It may be more work and sloppier than what you were
hoping for, and it might be a protocol busting architechtural kludge
unfit for inclusion in an lcdproc release -- but I'd like to know if it
works on at least one other machine & I'd be glad to talk anyone through
making it work.

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