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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Update for
  • Date: Fri Jan 7 00:38:02 2005

Le 05-01-06, =E0 15:40, Peter Marschall a =E9crit :
> On Monday 03 January 2005 21:45, Guillaume Filion wrote:
>> Will you use the make-nightly script to generate a nightly .pkg file =20=

>> so
>> that debian users can "apt-get upgrade" in unstable or a private
>> repository to get the lastest nightly? That would be certainly be =20
>> cool.
> I did not think of providing .deb files for the nightlies.
> I only wanted to give the Debina users the chance to create their own
> private lcdproc .deb fiel from the nightly snapshot.

Oops, it's .deb, not .pkg. It really shows my level of knowledge in the =20=

debian packaging system. 8-)

> With the changes in place, creating your prvate .deb should be as =20
> simple as
> 1) tar xvzf lcdproc-CVS-current.tar.gz
> 2) cd lcdproc-cvs-current-2005*
> 3) dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
> Well, that's the theory.
> I cannot tell if it works for other people than myself ( am only =20
> starting to
> scratch the surface of the Debian packaging system ;-))
> Maybe you can test it and send me your results.

I tried it and it works! 8-)

The only part that wasn't direct was signing the package, the actual =20
command I used is:
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -k423EF77F

I'd be interested in setting a debian repository on, so =20=

I read the repository howto =20
howto.html) and played a little bit with that, but it still doesn't =20
work. I may work on this later tonight or this week-end.

Anyway, the repository is accessible from:
deb current/

And they're forecasting another 15 cm of snow for tonight... I can't =20
wait for the summer!
Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Qu=E9bec, Canada -
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