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[Lcdproc] under which version of lcdproc should I develop my client?

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  • From: joris AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] under which version of lcdproc should I develop my client?
  • Date: Tue Jan 4 18:16:02 2005

On 4 Jan 2005 at 2:39, ognen wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm in the process of developing a client for lcdproc (partly for a
> project and partly to learn python programming) and I want to know what
> the status is on lcdproc v0.5 and hd4470 support?
> All I need is the hd4470 driver, custom menu support and keypad support.
> Are these features stable enough in v0.5 to be used for client
> development? or should I stick with V0.4 for now?

0.5 should work fine. Custom menu support is BTW not present in 0.4.
It seems like there are some issues with 0.5 (some screens disappear when
just created ???) but this is not a fundamental issue. See the
documentation for client commands to build menus etc.

> Also is there any way of defining custom characters (short of modifying to
> source code) and using them (I cant find much about it in the
> documentation)?

No, not really. We've been thinking about this for some time, and have
come to this conclusion:
- Customs chars are dependent on the specific display in use; e.g. size
and number of avail chars varies;
- The client should be aware of this and send custom char definitions for
the specific display;
- Real graphics with lines etc. will not be supported by LCDproc, as they
use pixel based addressing, and LCDproc is to remain char-based. That
does not mean there can't be a "window-frame" in the future, but then the
drivers should support line drawing chars (like the PC's text screen
does) and drivers should support line drawing chars (custom defined or

That's about it I think.

Joris Robijn
<joris AT>
Mobile: +31 6 288 41 964

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