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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Update for
  • Date: Mon Jan 3 20:46:02 2005

Peter Marschall wrote:
> Hi list, hi Guillaume, hi Rene,

Hello Peter,

> yesterday and today I have added a debian/ directory to the lcdproc CVS in
> order to debianize the the current branch ov lcdproc.
> Of course, I want to have the correct version in the Debian-specific files
> for the CVS nightles too.
> So, I need an upgrade of the Skript.

I don't see anything wrong with your script, but I'm not sure what it
will be used for. I've been using debian for a couple years now, but
I've never been a package maintainer, so that may explain my

Will you use the make-nightly script to generate a nightly .pkg file so
that debian users can "apt-get upgrade" in unstable or a private
repository to get the lastest nightly? That would be certainly be cool.

> I have attached the patch with my changes.
> Here's a short description what these changes do
> * change version in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() and AC_INIT() lines in
> but only if these lines contain parameters such as " lcdproc" and version.
> This allows us to move away from the old AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() to
> the new AC_INIT() with and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE without parameters
> as preferred by autoconf 2.50
> * change version string in debian changelog to 0.4.99+cvsYYYYMMDD
> where YYYYMMDD stands for the 8-digit date.
> The "0.4.99" is needed in Debian version strings for the 0.5pre versions
> to be able to stay in the same epoch when moving to 0.5 final
> * make debian/rules executable
> (I did not find another way to achieve this)

Yeah, cvs doesn't distribute executables files, so we need to manually
set scripts ugo+x.

BTW, the debian directory in stable-0-4-4 only contains two empty
directories, that generates this error when executing the script:
cp: cannot stat `debian/changelog': No such file or directory
Can't open debian/changelog: No such file or directory.
chmod: cannot access `debian/rules': No such file or directory

It looks like directories spread to all branches in CVS... We might want
to change the
if [ -d debian ]; then
test to
if [ -f debian/changelog ]; then

What do you think?

> Please test them and set them productive if you do not consider them
> harmful.

It's in production as of now. Please report any problem the mailing list
with a CC: to me.

Happy New Year,
Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Québec, Canada -
PGP Key and more:

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