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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Update for
  • Date: Sat Jan 1 14:58:02 2005

Hi list, hi Guillaume, hi Rene,

yesterday and today I have added a debian/ directory to the lcdproc CVS in
order to debianize the the current branch ov lcdproc.

Of course, I want to have the correct version in the Debian-specific files
for the CVS nightles too.
So, I need an upgrade of the Skript.

I have attached the patch with my changes.
Here's a short description what these changes do
* change version in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() and AC_INIT() lines in
but only if these lines contain parameters such as " lcdproc" and version.
This allows us to move away from the old AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() to
the new AC_INIT() with and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE without parameters
as preferred by autoconf 2.50
* change version string in debian changelog to 0.4.99+cvsYYYYMMDD
where YYYYMMDD stands for the 8-digit date.
The "0.4.99" is needed in Debian version strings for the 0.5pre versions
to be able to stay in the same epoch when moving to 0.5 final
* make debian/rules executable
(I did not find another way to achieve this)

Please test them and set them productive if you do not consider them harmful.


Peter Marschall
peter AT
+++	2005-01-01 15:02:03.000000000 +0100
@@ -43,9 +43,27 @@
 cat nightly-ChangeLog >> ChangeLog
 # Change the version number to CVS-${BRANCH}-${DATE}
-echo -n ${BRANCH} > branch
-${PERL} -MPOSIX -n -e 'if ($_ =~ /^AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE/) {$branch=qx(cat branch); $now_string = strftime "%Y%m%d", localtime; print "AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(lcdproc, CVS-$branch-$now_string)\n";} else {print $_;}' < >
+${PERL} -MPOSIX -i -p -e '$version = "CVS-".$ENV{BRANCH}."-".strftime("%Y%m%d", localtime);
+                          s/(AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE\s*)\(\s*(\[?lcdproc\]?)\s*,\s*[\w\d.-]+\s*\)/$1($2, $version)/; 
+                          s/(AC_INIT\s*)\(\s*(\[?lcdproc\]?)\s*,\s*[\w\d.-]+\s*\)/$1($2, $version)/;
+                          s/(AC_INIT\s*)\(\s*(\[?lcdproc\]?)\s*,\s*[\w\d.-]+(\s*[^)]+)\s*\)/$1($2, $version$3)/;' \
+if [ -d debian ]; then 
+  # Increase version number in debian/changelog accordingly
+  # use 0.4.99+cvs.... for 0.5pre nightlies to be able to stay in the epoch when moving to 0.5
+  cp debian/changelog debian/changelog.temp
+  ${PERL} -MPOSIX -i -p -e '$date = strftime("%Y%m%d", localtime);
+                            s/\(0\.4\.99\+cvs\d{8}\)/(0.4.99+cvs$date)/i if ($. == 1);' \
+          debian/changelog
+  # Make debian/rules executable
+  chmod +x debian/rules
+# Re-generate the autotools files
 sh >/dev/null
 ./configure --silent >/dev/null
@@ -66,8 +84,8 @@
 mv ChangeLog.temp ChangeLog
 rm -f nightly-ChangeLog
-rm -f branch
 rm -f nightly-cvsChanges.txt
+test -e debian/changelog.temp && mv debian/changelog.temp debian/changelog
 #mv lcdproc-CVS-${BRANCH}.tar.bz2 ../
 mv lcdproc-CVS-${BRANCH}.tar.gz ../
 sh >/dev/null

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