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[Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad

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  • From: dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad
  • Date: Sat Oct 30 07:28:01 2004

Joris Robijn wrote:
> On 28 Oct 2004 at 10:46, Chris Lansley wrote:
>>Just noticed what you meant as a 4x4 keypad:
>>I'm not sure what keys will come through (i.e. does 1 get sent
>>when 1 is pressed - I would assume it does) - either way it
>>doesn't matter as you're writing the client and so can ask
>>for whatever it sends.
> Well that depends on the driver. A proper driver should read a keymap
> from the configuration file, I don't know if the MO driver does.

As far as I remember, the driver in 0.4 does give the caracter received
from the hardware (from "A" to ?). So there is no mapping between
realkey meaning and physical key.

However, as you say, 0.5 use a keyword abstraction for keys so it is
possible to make a mapping. The only problem is to check if that feature
is already in the driver you need.

If it is not and are able to write the code for the
lcdproc-asterix-client, then adding the feature for M0 should be easy
for you.


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