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[Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad

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  • From: joris AT (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad
  • Date: Thu Oct 28 19:02:02 2004

On 28 Oct 2004 at 10:46, Chris Lansley wrote:

> Just noticed what you meant as a 4x4 keypad:
> I'm not sure what keys will come through (i.e. does 1 get sent
> when 1 is pressed - I would assume it does) - either way it
> doesn't matter as you're writing the client and so can ask
> for whatever it sends.

Well that depends on the driver. A proper driver should read a keymap
from the configuration file, I don't know if the MO driver does.

In v0.5 (the current development code) uses key strings rather than key
characters. So pressing a key with the text Enter on it can actually
return "Enter" to the LCDd core. But it needs to be configured properly
in the config file.

What happens with the keypress after reaching the core is dependent on
the configuration in the config file and what active clients have
reserved. The menu system of v0.5 will reserve keys given in the config
file for the menu. Other keys can be reserved by clients. When a reserved
key is pressed, the client is informed with a message "key Enter" or
similar. For the protocol and how to control LCDd from the client, see
the documentation.

v0.5 also knows a client-supplyable menu. The client can add items to the
menu. Read the documentation, this is well described.


Joris Robijn
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