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[Lcdproc] Problems with Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB

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  • From: darren AT (Darren Greaves)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Problems with Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB
  • Date: Thu Oct 28 12:19:02 2004

Hi, I bought a Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB and have not been able to get
it working under Linux using LCDproc.
The display works fine in Windows however so I don't think it's a
hardware problem.

Background info:
Distro - Slackware 9
Kernel - 2.4.27
LCDproc - 0.4.4
Device - Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB

Description of problem:
When I boot the machine I get the standard Matrix Orbital logo on it.
When I start LCDd I get the LCDproc screen on there which says "Clients
0, Screens 0".
I run lcdproc C (same problem no matter what options I specify) but the
screen does not change. I have to to send a kill -9 as root to stop
LCDd after that (pressing CTRL-C says "Server shutting down on SIGINT"
then hangs).
Sometimes when I run LCDd the screen corrupts a few characters in the
top left corner - that's the most I've ever got the display to do.

Running LCDd with maximum verbosity shows that it stops its
drivers_getkey loop after 2 or 3 iterations, it then hangs (as far as I
can tell).

My config is as follows.
[server] (some options removed for brevity).
User=root (I did try as nobody first).

[MtxOrb] (I included all from this section though).

I can attach the entire config file if required.

If more info is required, please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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