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[Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad

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  • From: lcdproc AT (Chris Lansley)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad
  • Date: Thu Oct 28 09:16:02 2004

When multiple clients are connected to LCDproc, they are each given
a turn of the display. So 'pause' keeps the display for the current
client. MainMenu is a built in menu of LCDproc, it looks like this:
> Options

Selecting Options gives:
> Contrast


I beleive it is possible for all keys to be sent to the client.

You can write your own client. If you know perl then the
client (in the clients/examples directory) seems like a good
starting place. Otherwise the standard LCDproc clients are
in C. Otherwise, the protocol is simple so it wouldn't be
hard to use any language.


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> Thanks Chris for taking the time!
> Seems that Im not really familiar with
> how LCDProc works. I will try to describe
> the functionallity I'm after:
> I'm using Asterisk (a PBX for handling my
> incoming/outgoing calls) and would like
> the display to show missed calls and
> new voicemails. So, for example, two buttons
> will scroll left/right between new missed
> calls, another one will trigger voicemail
> to be played and so on.
> Do you get me?
> Im not sure what you mean by a button to
> have the function Pause or MainMenu...?
> Pause what? :P
> Anywho, you say that pressed buttons can
> be sent to a client and now were getting
> somewhere. This client Im looking for doesn't
> exist and Im aware of that and will probably
> just create this client application myself.
> That must be possible? The protocol for talking
> client <-> server must be defined somewhere?
> If so, is it possible to have server send EVERY
> button pressed on keypad to the client?
> Thanks again, Chris!
> -Patrik
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