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[Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad

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  • From: paake AT (Patrik Jansson)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MatrixOrbital + keypad
  • Date: Thu Oct 28 08:34:02 2004

Thanks Chris for taking the time!

Seems that Im not really familiar with
how LCDProc works. I will try to describe
the functionallity I'm after:

I'm using Asterisk (a PBX for handling my
incoming/outgoing calls) and would like
the display to show missed calls and
new voicemails. So, for example, two buttons
will scroll left/right between new missed
calls, another one will trigger voicemail
to be played and so on.
Do you get me?

Im not sure what you mean by a button to
have the function Pause or MainMenu...?
Pause what? :P

Anywho, you say that pressed buttons can
be sent to a client and now were getting
somewhere. This client Im looking for doesn't
exist and Im aware of that and will probably
just create this client application myself.
That must be possible? The protocol for talking
client <-> server must be defined somewhere?

If so, is it possible to have server send EVERY
button pressed on keypad to the client?

Thanks again, Chris!

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