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[Lcdproc] Samsung VFD

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  • From: ajai AT (Ajai Khattri)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Samsung VFD
  • Date: Wed Oct 27 15:45:02 2004

Ive been looking at these (suuwheeeet) cases for a project:

According to the specs they use Samsung VFD displays:

But I can't tell if these are supported by lcdproc - anyone?

hex n.

1. Short for hexadecimal, base 16. 2. A 6-pack
of anything (compare quad, sense 2). Neither usage has
anything to do with magic or black art, though the pun is
appreciated and occasionally used by hackers. True story: As a
joke, some hackers once offered some surplus ICs for sale to be
worn as protective amulets against hostile magic. The chips were,
of course, hex inverters.

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