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[Lcdproc] Temperature or Fan Functions at the driver level

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  • From: stewartputnam AT (Stewart W. Putnam)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Temperature or Fan Functions at the driver level
  • Date: Wed Oct 20 19:20:01 2004

May I summarize my understanding and seek general or specific
veification on:

lcdproc drivers should provide a few hardware independent abstracted
functions to the LCDd server: _init, _close, _get_key, _set_contrast,
_backlight, _vbar & etc. Anyone who want's to know why this is so, and
why it makes sense to avoid elaborate temp or fan functions, could, say,
read up on why Motherboard Monitor devolopment
( stopped.
So it follows that a driver including such features should include
them as wholly ignorable options that are turned off by default, and
include these options without trampling on lcdproc's existing software
architechture, client server model, & etc.

If one were to put merely a 'MODULE_EXPORT void
CFontz633_send_bytes_message()' into the base driver for a 633 temp
client to call, and allow a client to reserve the resulting fan and
temperature response packets in the same way as clients can reserve
keypad presses, one could build an elaborate fan / temp client with
minimal modification to the base CF driver module, yes? Or is
MODULE_EXPORT'ing a lower level multi-purpouse function like
send_bytes_message() for a client's use impossible or a significant
breach of lcdproc protocol / architechture?

For what I'm doing I'm thinking of whipping up a wholly standalone
hack & mix of lm-sensors & the top utility to get a single logline with
liquid flow rate, each cpu/mb/gpu temp, all the 633 temps before and
after each water block, pump, filter, or radiator, and a short rank
order listing of the top 3 or 4 cpu & memory & mb resource consumers at
any given moment... A big project that might easily spin off an
acceptable CF driver mod and client. Er..., why..., for making art out
of waste heat of course... and fiendishly clever Rube Goldberg machines
to get Batman once and for all...

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