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[Lcdproc] CrystalFontz 633 Support?

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  • From: gary AT (Gary Buckmaster)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CrystalFontz 633 Support?
  • Date: Tue Oct 19 14:46:02 2004


Apparently my previous replies didn't make it to the list. I would welcome
your assistance in getting the development version up and running on my
machine. Perhaps we can discuss this off-list?



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I've seen your couple of messages about the 633 & have a few answers:
The .5 version of LCDproc available in the lcdproc nightly tarball
is required for using a 633, to the best af my knowledge. Debian uses
0.4.x in their distribution packages -- sowewhere in one of the README
files of the Debian package there in a note about Crystalfontz &
Copyright & the 633 driver: the Debian distribution 0.4.x lcdproc has
not been updated since CF GPL'ed some code. To skip speculating about
this that and the other: Copyrights, Debian development procedures &
timetibles & whatnot: Downlaoding the lcdproc nightly tarball and
./configuring and building it for a Debian system would be your best
bet, by my grasp.
I'd help talk you through that for the fun of it -- what is your
familiarity with downloading source code and building and installing
beta packages? (I can't guess solidly from your posts wheather it would
be new, steep learning curve stuff for you or old hat 'gosh this Stewart
guy is quite the sloppy hack' for you... or where in between ...)
On top of the stock 0.5 version 633 driver's ability to talk to the
633 and read the keypad and display lines, the version of the driver
that I've written detects and reads temperature sensors and controlls
fans (temperature dependent fan speeds an option) and can create some
default screens about fans and temperatures.
I'm actively fishing for some feedback on my driver mod, though I'm
kind of backed off active revision for the moment. ( I glance at the
sceen to see that it has been up since boot & not crashed for a couple
hours now...)
My mod is expansive enough I think my next step would be to read up
on how to use CVS and include my versian as a separate driver, say
'cd633+temps' or something because it is prabably still a lot buggier
than the existing 633 driver...
Have I cleared anything up?

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