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[Lcdproc] [PATCH] MtxOrb.c - patch 3

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  • From: lcdproc AT (Chris Lansley)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] [PATCH] MtxOrb.c - patch 3
  • Date: Wed Sep 29 20:42:02 2004


> Sort of. I had a kiting accident and injured my back at the end of
> the first week...

Sorry to hear that.

> > That's right - I tried looking for guidelines on LCDproc's use of CVS
> > but found nothing. I just assumed you would branch/tag the 0-4-5 branch
> > when you released 0-4-6. [Is my change the first since 0-4-6?]
> No. Your changes are the first since the 0.4.5 release. This is all
> a bit due to historical reasons... stable-0-4-6 would mean "to become
> the 0.4.6 release".

Whoops - I meant "... since 0-4-5". :-) Nevermind!

> > BUT once I
> > have the 0.4.5 version in a happy state then I hope to start working on
> > the 0.5 version.
> The past has shown that it appears to be easier to merge small
> changes...

I didn't mean I would do the merging later. I was more thinking that I would
see the 0.5 version of the driver as a blank page.
But I guess there's the danger that times will change and I will no longer
have the time available to work on LCDproc - and then, like you say, the
two versions would have grown wider apart. OK, you've twisted my arm,
I will try to do the same fix on both versions.

> I've been thinking about releasing a preview version. On the server core
> side there shouldn't be many things that need to be taken care of before
> a final release (marquee scrollers and a few other things come to mind).

I think it's a good idea - at least then people whose drivers are working
fine will leave 0.4.5 behind. Also you might start getting more clients
made to use 0.5, as more people use 0.5.

> I do however expect major issues with people complaining about drivers
> not working as well as they do in 0.4.x.

Any ideas what your most important drivers are? Hopefully there's only a

> That's also why David suggested you to work on HEAD and not increase
> the gap between 0.4.x and HEAD.

I know. But the reason I'm fixing 0.4.5 is because it worked, but was buggy.
Sadly, 0.5 MtxOrb worked even less (I had no custom chars!) And the effort
of fixing two set of sources is enough to turn off most people.

I think the best way forward is to get one or two drivers in 0.5 working
then release it stating that users of those drivers should use that version.
Hopefully there are reasons why users would want to use 0.5 over 0.4.5?


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