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[Lcdproc] Display Hangs

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  • From: dquinn AT (David Quinn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Display Hangs
  • Date: Wed Sep 22 10:52:01 2004


I've installed LCDproc 0.4.5 on a debian system with a CrystalFontz 634
20x4 serial LCD connected.

I have written a program in c which polls the input on a parallel port and
displays a simple counter. I load LCDd and my program and the display
starts. However, after around 10-12 minutes, the display freezes. My
program is still counting in the background (it writes its count to a
file) but the display is not updating and according to the return value of
the send() command which sends the count, it is still successfully sending
the full 38 characters or the widget_set command.

I turned on the error reporting at set it to 5 in /etc/LCDd.conf and when
the display hangs, the log contains:

LCDd: drivers_getkey()
last message repeated 219 times
last message repeated 435 times
(and so on)

If I kill my program and restart it, the display resets and starts up
again, only to hang again 10 minutes later.

I can't work out if LCDd is hanging or if the display itself is not
responding. The entry in the log appears to indicate that LCDd is waiting
for a key input. I've tried setting FreePauseKey, FreeBackKey,
FreeForwardKey and FreeMainMenuKey to yes in LCDd.conf but it made no

Has anyone come across this problem before?

Thanks in advance

David Quinn

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