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[Lcdproc] adding support for off-shelf ARM board?

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  • From: liberty AT (Liberty Young)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] adding support for off-shelf ARM board?
  • Date: Fri Sep 17 20:23:02 2004


I work for an embedded company ( that makes single
board computers. All of our products, both x86 and ARM based, have
special DIO pins to control a hitachi HD44780 alpha-numeric display.

I absolutely love LCD proc, and often refer our customers to your
project for their LCD display needs. Would you reject any patches sent
by me to this list to get support for LCD displays on our single board

We'd rather not play the Open Source "catch up" game where we have our
own patches against your software for our products; you upgrade your
software, it breaks our private patches, rinse, repeat.
We'd rather focus our customers (and any efforts on our part) on your
project, and not on rolling forward old private patches.

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