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[Lcdproc] Please focus on 0.5 = CVS main branch.

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  • From: dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Please focus on 0.5 = CVS main branch.
  • Date: Thu Sep 16 23:10:02 2004

It is with a lot of interest that I see a lot of patch and new
contribution to LCDproc. New blood can only help our project.

It might not be clear from the web site or documentation that the main
focus of the old developper of LCDproc is and was to produce 0.5 version
of the software.

You will find 0.5 version much more flexible with a more clean and
flexible API (driver/core) and more feature (menu) and more graphics (icon).

And it should be stable (or at least working for those working on the code).

0.4 was suppose to be a freezed thing were no new feature would be added
and we would maintain to produce security fix. Another upgrade path in
the 0.4.x (x>5) is for backporting of new module from 0.5 to 0.4.x. But
at least we don't want things that do break working stuff, things that
change the protocol or interface or feature.

Bug fix to MO driver are more likely welcome.

New driver (if also provided for 0.5) are also welcome, but if those
driver are only available for 0.4.x ... then it should stay as a patch
as to not divert our userbase in staying in 0.4 because they loose
support for their hardware in 0.5.

Also, before working on a patch or on the code, please discuss your idea
and your plan on the mailing-list. It might be that this idea was
already discussed, that someone else is already working on it, that this
feature is really not welcomed...

Small patch can be send to the list to be discussed, bigger can be
linked too, CVS access can be requested on this list, ... you name it.

This list has been the OPEN place (there is no other place) to discuss
every LCDproc related topic:
* User asking for help
* Developper arguing about the GPL respect (sometime off-list)
* Release synchronisation
* Get together at FOSDEM discussion
* Wiring of LCD and basic electronic concept (pull-up, resistor, ...)
* SPAM (forget about that one).

Talking about your plan developement plan, your new driver, your wish
and your plan to translate LCDproc in C++ (true story) is welcome too.


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