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[Lcdproc] need help ID'ing a Samsung 20x4 LCD

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  • From: Derek Stark <dm.stark AT> (Derek Stark)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] need help ID'ing a Samsung 20x4 LCD
  • Date: Wed Sep 15 18:54:02 2004

Hey guys:

I've got a Samsung 20x4 LCD panel (KS0066 controller) that I purchased
about 2 years ago from BGMicro. I'm finallly getting around to doing
something with it and I'm trying to figure out the backlight....

There are 14 points across the top edge (I can only assume for the LPT
connection & LCD power), and then there are two larger solder points
on the left side (when looking at the back of the LCD). I'm assuming
the two fattys are for the backlight. There are no markings on these
two whatsoever that might indicate the polarity, and proper voltage is
even MORE of a guess.

Any hints? Google searches came up with nothing except a couple of
Germans asking the same questions I am (the google translations where
humorous, at least). If it helps, there are these additional notes
etched in the board:

samsung logo next to the two big points
0008A in top left corner
94V0 (these last two together near the center)

It's also sporting (4) Okidata M5259 chips.

Now's the part where someone chimes in and says "Oh, I know all about
that one", right?

Thanks all,

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