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[Lcdproc] MtxOrb v0.4.5 - bug fixes

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  • From: dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MtxOrb v0.4.5 - bug fixes
  • Date: Sun Sep 12 12:09:01 2004

1) BigNums is a bit buggy and has strange side effect. Nice if you can
fix them.
2) If the screen and the framebuffer do desynchronise, then some area
might not be updated since it is believed that it countain the right
thing already... so this might be a consequence of 1
3) This is a feature, not a bug...

The solution to 3) was supposed to share between all driver code some
kind of custom char cache. That idea was developped talking about what
should be in 0.5.

You should find better caracter caching code inside Crystal Fontz driver
I guess. I did not want to copy that code into MO since it require to be
made reusable.

Also, it is not really recommanded to do change in 0.4.x.

I would say that the bug fix for 1 and 2 are welcome into 0.4.x IF you
do them into 0.5 too.

Solution to 3 should be discussed a bit more and maybe not welcome in 0.4.x

Show us your GPL code (patch agains the CVS) so that we can discuss what
you did.


Chris Lansley wrote:

> [This email is referring to LCDproc version 0.4.5 (and maybe some before
> that)]
> Hi,
> I've noticed a number of bugs in the MtxOrb driver - I've examined the
> code and have some
> fixes available.
> I've noticed:
> 1, BigNums can cause random characters to appear (or for areas not
> to be cleared).
> [From examining the code - almost anything could go wrong on the
> Matrix Orbital side; because the driver is sending random
> command sequences]
> 2, Areas of the screen stop updating, and some random characters
> may appear.
> 3, Special chars (user defined characters) are being redefined
> even though they
> are already defined (ie. sends unneeded updates over serial
> link).
> [This could be a client problem - not sure yet]
> Before I do anything with these fixes - I need to know if other Matrix
> Orbital users
> are seeing these problems. Secondly I would like some people to offer
> to be beta
> testers for the fixed driver - just to be sure that my changes improve
> the driver!

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