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[Lcdproc] LCDd 0.5 patch

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  • From: dglaudemailing AT (David GLAUDE)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCDd 0.5 patch
  • Date: Fri Aug 27 20:05:01 2004

Jeff Costlow wrote:

> I kept up with all the GPL licensing issues when it was being discussed
> on this list. I have put Brent Crosby's code in to the Cfontz541
> driver. It went in seamlessly.

A version of CFontz633io.c and .h that does not contain any CFontz demo
code was send to relevant developper (not working like ship in the
dark). Simultaniously it seems that some things have been resolved with
CFontz and the GPL. Do you want to see my code?

> In fact, I might suggest "retiring" the CFontz633 driver unless someone
> has a real affection for it. I'm pretty sure the 541 driver will
> support all the features of the 633. The hardware seems to be very
> similar. And CrystalFontz seems to have their datasheets publicly
> available, so any discrepancies should be easy to reconcile.

I might be the only one with real affection with the 633-only code.
Also there is a 633+631 code floating arround and beeing worked on by a few.

The only issue is credit where credit is due and the copyright line
beeing keeped intact.

If required, I can search for the hardware and time to test the code
with 633 hardware, but my involvement with LCDproc has been very low for
the last year maybe.


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