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[Lcdproc] LCDd 0.5 patch

Chronological Thread 
  • From: reenoo AT (Rene Wagner)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCDd 0.5 patch
  • Date: Fri Aug 27 13:15:02 2004

Hi Jeff,

I mostly agree with Joris. A few thoughts from me..

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 20:19, Jeff Costlow wrote:
> We have made some changes to the 0.5 HEAD LCDd server. The following
> features have been added:
> 1) Ability to have IP address editing menus.

mem* and str* have been used in various places on client supplied data.
You'll have to replace that with strn* calls.

> 2) New CrystalFontz 541 driver.

That's a bit tricky. You appear to be using the old non-GPL code by
CFontz. Can I talk you into porting the driver to the new GPL code?

> 3) The configuration file can now contain specific text for the
> ServerScreen.
> 4) The configuration file can now contain ExitScreen information that
> will be displayed on the LCD when the server exits.

Personally, I won't commit this part but I won't object if someone else

> 5) The test menus are by default compiled out, but can be easily
> re-enabled.

They appear to be useful for testing purposes only anyway.

> 6) The left and right arrow keys of the CFontz541 are supported under
> all menus and screens if they are enabled in the configuration file.

I'm not sure about this one. Joris has rewritten most of the key
handling code in HEAD. I may be wrong but the configuration file options
you are using are probably deprecated.

I'll leave this over to Joris to decide on.

> Additionally there are some minor bugfixes.

It would certainly be appreciated if you elaborate a bit on what bugs
you fixes in the same fashion you started doing so in your other message
to the list, but with clear references to the actual code.

[Splitting the patch up as described below would of course resolve

> Please note that the
> CFontz541.c driver was originally a copy of CFonts633.c. Some rather
> large changes have been made in the driver that make it more efficient
> and do some character translation. These changes should probably be
> ported back to the 633 driver.

No. Actually there's no need for separate drivers at all. The
differences between the more recent CFontz displays are marginal.
They should be handled by a single driver which detects the display
automatically like it is done in LCD4Linux.

David had started working on that, but the whole "CFontzPacket.c" effort
came to a halt when licensing issues came up.

Since those have been resolved, the logical consequence would be to
proceed where David stopped (using the new, GPL'ed, code of course).

> Since we have no 633 hardware, we cannot
> test such changes.

That's always an issue, but there are probably owners of such hardware
on the list willing to test the code.

> We have created the attached patch which applies cleanly to HEAD as of
> 25.aug.2004.

You'll probably want to back out your custom changes to LCDd.conf
though (user=root, etc.).

> All code is Copyright 2004, F5 Networks, Inc. and is hereby released to
> LCDPROC under the GNU General Public License.

Please add that to all files you modified, fix the issues mentioned
above, split the patch up into logical parts each accompanied with a
ChangeLog (CVS log actually) comment describing what you changed and

[I'm not nitpicking here, the copyright and changelog parts are
copyright law and/or GPL requirements...]


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