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[Lcdproc] Strengthen Nails

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  • From: melvinlindy AT (cammie ford)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Strengthen Nails
  • Date: Wed Aug 25 19:11:01 2004

a new you

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address listed above and just see site to be gone from the db
With no proved survival benefit combination therapy may be unjustifiable Several studies included in the overall and subgroup analyses directly assessed semiempirical combination versus monotherapy These similarly do not support combination therapy for specific pathogens when detected
Should further research be conducted to assess combination versus monotherapy? Novel lactams should not be compared with older generation lactams or penicillins combined with aminoglycosides The reason for further trials assessing the addition of an aminglycoside to a lactam seems dubious as well

The chief thought this speech was intended to express Rob's gratitude, so he bowed solemnly in return

  • [Lcdproc] Strengthen Nails, cammie ford, 08/25/2004

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