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[Lcdproc] Need a career change

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  • From: kendra rivera" <tameikaost AT (kendra rivera)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Need a career change
  • Date: Thu Aug 19 19:35:01 2004

Finally your business.
Helping our courts.
Work from Anywhere.
Flexibility in the work days and hours.
Lots of our associates profit 5,000US to 12,000US per mo.
Professional customer support and assistance.
Here for more info

The traveling machine seems to be running away with me, and I'm missing no end of sights by scooting along up here in the clouds He turned the indicator to zero, and was relieved to find it obey with customary quicknessIn a few moments he had slowed up and stopped, when he found himself suspended above another stretch of sandy plain discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a Being too high to see the surface of the plain distinctly he dropped down a few hundred feet to a lower level, where he discovered he was surrounded by billows of sand as far as his eye could reachIt's a desert, all right, was his comment; perhaps old Sahara herself He started the machine again towards the east, and at a more moderate rate of speed skimmed over the surface of the desertBefore long he noticed a dark spot ahead of him which proved to be a large body of fierce looking men, riding upon dromedaries and slender, spirited horses and armed with long rifles and crookedly shaped simitars

  • [Lcdproc] Need a career change, <tameikaost AT (kendra rivera), 08/19/2004

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