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SV: [Lcdproc] g2446

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  • From: jon.moller AT (Jon Möller)
  • Subject: SV: [Lcdproc] g2446
  • Date: Fri Jul 23 07:29:02 2004

Seiko's G2446 is a 240x64dot graphical display with Epson SED1330 =
LCD-controller (not based on HD44780). Or maybe it should be Seiko-Epson =
- they change back and forward. Newer part no starts with S1D13..., =
SED1335 is newer and compatible - S1D13305. S1D13305 have built in =
character generator ROM though. You should use the LCDProc SED1330 =
driver and you can probably figure out from the Epson SED1330 or =
S1D13305 documentation how to wire and use it. You are lucky G2446 got =
built-in DC-DC converter, otherwise you would have to create a negative =
voltage to drive it. G2446 has CCFL backlight. You need inverter to =
drive that (about 800VAC) - have you got it?

Best Regards / Med V=E4nlig H=E4lsning
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-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Fr=E5n: Troy Watson
[mailto:drtwox AT]=20
Skickat: den 23 juli 2004 03:06
lcdproc AT
=C4mne: [Lcdproc] g2446

My shiny new g2446 (40x8) LCD has just arrived. (At last!)

Looking through the LCDProc HD44780 documentation only shows (that I can =
instructions for LCDs with 16 pin connectors - the g2446 has 20 pins.=20

I've googled for the last couple hours, but I can't find any wiring=20
instructions for this thing. I've got the data sheet fro but =
all double-speak to me! (I'm a deft hand with a soldering iron and can =
schematics, I just don't know what to connect to what.) Any help would =
very appreciated.=20


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