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[Lcdproc] Kbw Val1um,X.Anax,Da.Rv0n,L.Evitra..S0ma..Much M0re

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  • From: dyoung6330 AT (ronald jeffers)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Kbw Val1um,X.Anax,Da.Rv0n,L.Evitra..S0ma..Much M0re
  • Date: Sat Jun 26 17:42:02 2004

binnengebracht factuurselectie eenmaking

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In England nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to drink in a public
bar.Mr. Thompson used to go to a bar near his house quite often, but he
never took his son, Tom, because he was too young. Then when Tom had his
eighteenth birthday, Mr. Thompson took him to his usual bar for the first
time. They drank for half an hour, and then Mr. Thompson said to his son,
"Now, Tom, I want to teach you a useful lesson. You must always be careful
not to drink too much. And how you know when you've had enough? Well, I'll
tell you. Do you see those two lights at the end of the bar? When they seem
to have become four, you've had enough and should go home.""But , Dad," said
Tom, " I can only see one light at the end of the bar".
One Saturday afternoon the grasshopper, the snail, and the centipede were
sitting around the grasshopper's house drinking beer.They ran out of beer
before they were ready to quit drinking, so they decided one of them should
go out for more beer.The snail said, "I'd go, but I'm kind of slow. Besides,
Grasshopper, this is your neighborhood so you know where to go."The
grasshopper said, "I don't mind going, but my hopping will shake up the beer
and we'll get sprayed every time we open one."So they decided to send the
centipede; and the grasshopper explained how to get to the nearest liquor
store.An hour or so passed and still the centipede hadn't returned, so the
snail and the grasshopper decided to go look for him.They got as far as the
the front door and found the centipede sitting there putting on his shoes.
to\a0rizada65rosero,secuestradora taruma`.

  • [Lcdproc] Kbw Val1um,X.Anax,Da.Rv0n,L.Evitra..S0ma..Much M0re, ronald jeffers, 06/26/2004

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