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[Lcdproc] Important Message.

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  • From: Trejo octave" <oracleConnors9490740 AT (Trejo octave)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Important Message.
  • Date: Fri Jun 25 13:27:02 2004

Hey it's weird, my friend Sara told me today by phone that she tryed to email me but she couldn't for some reason... I'm tired of this computer stuff, never works :/ I don't know if you ever got my messages now, so I don't know if you like me or not... I updated my website recently with few pics so you know how I look like here:

btw let's chat via webcam, I got my roomate Veronica to setup webcam somehow, I don't even know how it works, and she told me all I need now to chat with someone is for them to come and view my homepage listed above. It also has my sexy videos i made earlier ;)...
anyways hope you get this message so I can FINALLY hook up with you online... ;)
bye, Rachael

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  • [Lcdproc] Important Message., <oracleConnors9490740 AT (Trejo octave), 06/25/2004

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