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[Lcdproc] Status of CFontz 633 support?

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  • From: reinelt AT (Michael Reinelt)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Status of CFontz 633 support?
  • Date: Thu Jun 24 10:43:02 2004

Hi Cameron,

> I've been hoping to use lcdproc on freebsd with a crystalfontz 633 (serial)
> display. I've been seeing for a while now that the driver is unavailable for
> unknown legal reasons. What is the deal with this? Is it something that's
> expected to be resolved or should I dump this hardware and buy something I
> could actually use? Should I call CFontz again or is the legal issue with
> someone else?

As far as I know, the problem is the low-level communication with the
display. The driver has to sign every packet with a CRC, and has to
parse the answer from the display. lcdproc's driver uses a sample code
from Crystalfontz, which has a license incompatible with the GPL.

Someone from the lcdproc team (David Glaude?) wanted to replace this
code with the one from lcd4linux (which does not use the code from
CrystalFontz, and is completely GPL'ed) some weeks (or months?) ago, but
I don't know the status.

> If It makes any difference, I only want to use the display, not all the
> buttons and controls that come with the unit.
It makes no difference, because the problem is the low-level communication.

bye, Michael

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