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[Lcdproc] My G242 again (SED1330)

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  • From: tobias AT (Tobias Gruetzmacher)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] My G242 again (SED1330)
  • Date: Wed Jun 23 10:33:02 2004

Hi all,

I'm currently sitting at the fli4l booth (H107) at LinuxTag Karlsruhe
and had some time to set up my G242 for a longer test session. The good
news: It works. The bad news: There seem to be some update problems. I
don't know if that is a problem with my wiring or in the driver. Some
screens leave "dirt" on the display - drawn characters stay on the
screen. Sometimes some characters even get scrambled. See some pictures
(not so good quality) at

Any hints? Ideas? Thoughts?

Greetings Tobi

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  • [Lcdproc] My G242 again (SED1330), Tobias Gruetzmacher, 06/23/2004

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