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[Lcdproc] Proposal for a C++ client API

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  • From: tian-misc AT (Tian)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Proposal for a C++ client API
  • Date: Sat Jun 19 11:09:01 2004

Rene Wagner wrote:
> you haven't provided the full
> code anyway.

I have to make it more *deliverable*. The major problem is that for the
there is only a classic makefile and no autoconfigure. I am not very familiar
with that.

As soon as I have something clean, I will upload it to my web server and let
you know about the URL.

> - Make sure to handle all communication. (Read responses from the
> server, throw exceptions in case of errors)

Already done. In fact it only handles *success* and *huh?* responses and
ignore the other ones. There is already an exception mechanism.

> - Some sort of GTK like main loop might prove useful.

Don't know exactly how it works. My sensors use some threads. So there is
the needs for main program not to exit (or do something usefull). All the
cleaning code is in the classes' destructors.

> So, I'd be happy to see your code in the LCDproc CVS if you wish to.

Sure. Let me time to have a clean 0.1 version and I'll let you know about it.


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