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[Lcdproc] Details about Dign/D-Vine HV5 LCD

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  • From: oliver.stabel AT (Oliver Stabel)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Details about Dign/D-Vine HV5 LCD
  • Date: Sun Jun 13 07:03:02 2004


I am trying to get the LCD of my DIGN HV5 to work properly. I once read
that it is based on the HD44780
but that seems to be only partial correct; some commands seem to be
HD44780 (like setting brightness) but
some commands do not seem to fit into the HD44780 command set. I also
read that the LCD (at least for
the DIGN 3) uses a NEC D16314AGJ-011. I could not find any info on this
chip though to check the command set.
Also the DIGN 5 uses USB instead of parallel (like the DIGN 3 does) so
the chips might be completely different

So does anybody have any information about the chip being used for the
DIGN HV5 (seems to be the Sasem OnAir Remocon.
I mailed them but they did not reply. Also USB sniffing revealed some
commands but not all of them are really
clear to me and there might be more)


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